Les 5: Asking questions

Hoi Dutchie to be!

In this class, we learn how to ask questions. In the video, I am explaining to you how we use question words to ask open questions, but here - in the online class - I will also teach you how to ask yes/no questions.

(​​You can find the online video with subtitles here)

You can also download the file with a summary and some extra explanations AND you can make the extra exercise and take the quiz.

DUTCH FOR BEGINNERS - lesson 5.pdf


Now take this quiz to practice with your question words. Sometimes more than one answer is applicable.


Now you can also make the following two exercises, formulating questions yourself. The answers are in separate PDFs which you can download AND with them come two audio tracks that you can listen two whilst reading the answers.

I also like to challenge you to ask the following questions to a Dutch person you know! ;)

maak ja:nee-vragen - opdracht.pdf
maak de dialoog compleet met vragen.pdf

Audio files

Additional exercise (extra opdracht)

Ga naar deze post en stel me een vraag in de reacties.
Go to this post and ask me a question in the comments.

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