In this course you'll learn how to make Dutch main sentences. The theory is explained in a video and next to that I provide a summary of all the rules in a PDF (both in English and Dutch) and you can take two quizzes with a total of 50 multiple choice questions, so you can test your new knowledge!

This is class is also part of the Dutch Sentence Structure Course as well as the Beginners' course. If you want to practice with more sentence structures, you can find that course here or if you want to learn more about the basics of Dutch, you can check this link.

About me

I am Kim Jautze, a Dutch teacher living in Den Haag (the Netherlands). I’ve studied Dutch literature and linguistics and did a PhD in computational Dutch literature. It was during my PhD that I discovered my passion for teaching students.

In January 2017 I started my career as a Dutch teacher at a language school, but soon I started my own school Linguanl. At my school I combine existing methods with creating my own courses and materials, focusing on conversational skills and coaching students to gain more self-confidence in order to speak Dutch in everyday situations. Because above all: speaking Dutch should be fun!

Recently (July 2019) I've also started the online school "Dutchies to be - Learn Dutch with Kim": which offers online courses that focus on difficulties in our grammar, vocabulary and sentences. So no normal grammar exercises, but videos and tests focussing on small but very relevant topics!

For more information, please contact me:

[email protected]