Introduction to the course

Hoi Dutchie to be!

Is the Dutch sentence structure a bit complicated sometimes? Kim, what kind of question is this? What about almost ALL of the time?

Well, yes, you're right. The Dutch sentence structure is quite challenging, especially because we have quite some (and sometimes contradicting) word order rules! So, this is why I am making this course ONLY about sentences, to teach you all the basic structures!

We start with different kinds of main sentences (hoofdzinnen), learn the inversion rule, touch the passive sentences and then learn different kinds of subordinate clauses (bijzinnen) and also a LOT of conjunction words and adverbs.

After taking this course, you will certainly master all different kinds of Dutch sentence structures!

I'm delighted you're following my online classes, and you're learning Dutch with me! Thank you so much for that!

This is a course for self-study. If you have any questions related to the content, I advise you to ask your teacher. If you don't have a teacher or tutor yet, you can give iTalki a try:

I wish you all the best on your path to becoming a Dutchie!



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