Certificate of completion

Hoi Dutchie to be!

Do you like to have a certificate after completing all the classes? This is what you have to do!

First, you have to make sure you completed all the classes. You can do this in the upper right corner where it says "complete and continue". You also need to "complete and continue" the introduction as well as the copyright and practice speaking sections (and this part as well).

After you've completed all of the lectures, you either will be redirected to the certificate page automatically, or you can go to "certificate" on the left side:

Good luck with the course, and when you've finished: GEFELICITEERD! ;)

Note that this is only a certificate for yourself and not a certificate you can use to apply for higher education or a job. To have that kind of official certificate, you can contact me and you need to do a test which I will examine and then provide you with an original/official certificate. This is not included in the price of this self-study course, since it is something extra :)