Video + introduction

Hoi Dutchie to be,

In this first lesson about the word er, I am teaching you the three referring functions of er. ​​​These are three examples of the 3 functions:

  1. Houd je van appels? > Ja, ik houd ervan. (Do you like apples? > Yes I like them.)
  2. Hoeveel appels heb je gegeten? > Ik heb er 1 gegeten. (How many apples did you eat? > I ate 1.)
  3. Ben je al in het restaurant? > Nee, ik ben er nog niet. (Are you in the restaurant already? > No I am not there yet.)

You can watch the video here:

Or you can watch it on YouTube to activate Dutch or English subtitles.

After watching the video, you can read the more extensive PDF-files, make the exercise, and listen to the audio files to test if you can recognize ER in spoken language.

I'm very happy you're following my online classes and you're learning Dutch with me! Thank you so much for that!

This is a course for self-study. If you have any questions related to the content, I advise you to ask your teacher. If you don't have a teacher or tutor yet you can give iTalki a try.

I wish you all the best on your path to become a Dutchie!



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