Video + introduction

Hoi Dutchie to be,

In this lesson, I am teaching you about the two grammatical functions of er. Examples are:

  1. Er spelen veel kinderen op straat. (There are a lot of children playing in the street.)
  2. Er wordt veel gelachen! (There is a lot of laughing!)

Now first watch the video:

You can find the video on YouTube here.

After watching the video, you can read the extensive PDF-files, you can also read the PDF-file I added about how to make passive sentences (especially to learn how to make passive sentences in the four tenses: present tense, imperfectum, perfectum, and plusquamperfectum).

After that, you can make a multiple choice quiz, an exercise to describe pictures, an assignment with sentences you have to rewrite, and answer some open questions!

Good luck!

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