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Hoi Dutchie to be,

Welcome to this Dutch course for higher intermediate students (A2>B1+). This course is a continuation of the previous course: Dutch for intermediates. In that course, you've learned almost all grammar already, but in this course, we're going to take it to the next level! En al het materiaal is in het Nederlands!!

The aim of this course is to get you to ERK B1 level. However, a lot of the grammar we learn in this course could actually be classified as B2 as well, therefore I call this course B1+. Furthermore, in order to reach B1 level you have to extend your vocabulary extensively. We will do that by learning lots of new words in the first section of the course and also by reading stories, for which I provide wordlists and exercises. I have included audio files so you can also practice your listening skills.

Important to know: all the materials for this course are in Dutch! If you've come so far to reach A2-level, you should be able to study in Dutch from now on ;-) So only this introduction here is in English.

This course includes 31 classes and other exclusive materials! The setup is as follows:

(1) All videos have a video with a lecture on YouTube
(2) Every class in this course has exclusive downloadable materials, such as:

  • PDF files with a summary of the subject + extra information that is not covered in the video
  • stories & dialogues
  • audio files for each of the stories & dialogues
  • flashcards in Quizlet
  • extra quizzes + worksheets that you can take to test your knowledge

(3) A final test with 270 questions

(4) After completing the course, you'll be issued a CERTIFICATE of completion!

If you're interested in the topics we will cover, check the curriculum down below!

Course Curriculum

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Your Instructor

Kim Jautze
Kim Jautze

I am Kim Jautze, the owner and founder of the online language school "Dutchies to be - Learn Dutch with Kim". Before I founded my online school, I studied Dutch linguistics, did a Ph.D. in Dutch computational literature (which I, unfortunately, due to a burnout, couldn't finish) and I worked for several years as a teacher "Dutch as a second language".

In my online language school "Dutchies to be - learn Dutch with Kim" you can learn Dutch in a fun and easy way by watching my YouTube videos and enrolling in online courses.

For more information, please contact me:
[email protected]

Courses Included with Purchase

FREE course about grammatical terminology
Important terms for learning Dutch grammar.
Kim Jautze
Indirect speech
How to say what you or someone else feels, thinks, says, believes, etc...
Kim Jautze

Original Price: €2,50

Frequently Asked Questions

Wanneer begint de cursus? En zit er een einddatum aan vast?
Je kunt direct met de cursus aan de slag zodra je de betaling hebt gedaan! Er is ook geen einddatum, je hoeft maar 1 keer te betalen en je hebt dan ongelimiteerd toegang tot de gehele cursus, die je dus in je eigen tijd kan volgen!
Is het een eenmalige betaling? Hoelang heb ik toegang tot de cursus?
Ja, het is een eenmalige betaling! Zodra je de cursus hebt gekocht, is hij van jou, dus je toegang vervalt niet en je hoeft later ook niet nog een keer te betalen.
Wat als ik de cursus toch niks voor me is?
Als je de cursus hebt gekocht en je komt erachter dat het toch niks voor je is, kun je binnen 14 dagen een volledige terugbetaling aanvragen. Dit kan helaas niet meer na 14 dagen.
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Ja, dat is mogelijk! Vink de NIEUWE optie voor betalen met Klarna of Afterpay aan om met je IBAN te betalen! Mocht je toch de voorkeur geven aan iDEAL, stuur mij dan een e-mail, zodat ik je een betaallink kan sturen. Deze optie kost alleen meer tijd voor inschrijving, wat een paar dagen kan duren :) Het e-mailadres is: [email protected]

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