Introduction to the course

Hoi Dutchie to be,

How great that you chose to enroll in this course! Gefeliciteerd!!

In 35+ classes, you will learn EVERYTHING there is to know to master Dutch verbs: from the basics (where to place the verbs in different sentence structures + how to conjugate verbs in different tenses) to more intermediate and advanced matters: such as dealing with separable & reflexive verbs, phrasal verbs, and specific verbs that can be pretty challenging.

Since this course is for all levels, I divided the lessons into several sections. In the first three sections, we will cover grammatical topics about verbs from A0 to A2 level. Most of the videos are in Dutch, but all the PDFs are in English, so you can be sure to follow me!

But then, in section 4, all the PDFs are in Dutch since those classes cover A2-B2 topics. Once you've reached that point, you are expected to be able to follow me in Dutch sufficiently to understand everything.

In section 5, we will review specific verbs, such as kennen and weten, or doen and maken, etc. Most of these classes are again in English since most are aimed at A1-A2 level.

In this course, I collected all the classes about verbs, so many can also be found in my other Dutch courses. However, in THIS course, I also included some classes that are ONLY published here, and nowhere else. And I will make a final test for each section. These tests will be published SOON!

Good luck with the course!!


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