Les 1: Introduction into the PAST TENSES + conjugation of REGULAR verbs (A2)

Hoi Dutchie to be,

In this class, I am introducing the three tenses that you can use to say something about the past, which are:

  • imperfectum (simple past/onvoltooid verleden tijd)
  • perfectum (present perfect/voltooid tegenwoordige tijd)
  • plusquamperfectum (past perfect/voltooid verleden tijd)

Examples for a sentence like "Ik fiets naar school" (I bike to school), are:

  1. Ik fietste naar school. (imperfectum)
  2. Ik ben naar school gefietst. (perfectum)
  3. Ik was naar school gefietst. (plusquamperfectum)

I will introduce these tenses shortly in a PDF, and then, we're also going to learn how to conjugate regular verbs in the perfectum and imperfectum:

DUTCH VERBS COURSE - past tenses + regular verbs.pdf


Test your knowledge about when a sentence is in the imperfectum, perfectum, or plusquamperfectum.


Perfectum & imperfectum – opdracht .pdf


D or T?

Do you want to practice more with when to add a D or T? Go to this free class: https://courses.learndutchwithkim.com/p/regular-verbs-in-the-past-tense-1

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