IMPORTANT: overlap with other courses!

Most of the classes in this Dutch verbs course are also part of my other courses (but not all!)

If you have bought one or more of my other courses, you can get a discount on this course! The discount is calculated as follows:

  • Beginners course (A0>A1) = 15% discount
  • Intermediates course (A1>A2) = 30% discount
  • Higher intermediates course (A2>B1+) = 30% discount
(If you bought two or all three courses, you can add these percentages!)

Please email me to dutchiestobe@learndutchwithkim so I can provide you with a unique DISCOUNT CODE or a payment link with the discounted price!

Or I can send you a partial refund if you've already paid the full price for this course.

This partial refund is only possible within the first 30 days!! :)

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